"Chesapeake Energy Seeks to Void Order to Buy Energy Rights" Bloomberg Businessweek 7/10/12

written by Margaret Cronin Fisk and Allen Johnson Jr.


Peak Energy Corp. based in Plano, Tx. won in lower Court ruling.  CHK seeking reversal from New Orleans appeals Court judges...

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I suggest you post this on the main board.  After all, if you are in this group, you actually did lease to CHK.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, in the Haynesville Shale who were scammed similarly with this scheme, who signed contracts with CHK for big bucks, only to have CHK back out on them, just as done in this case.


Thanks for your suggestion.   I normally would post on main board, however, I have recently gotten some e-mails from several irritated CHK promoters who are indignant that I keep posting (often) negative CHK news articles in the GHS main forum.   However, I don't write the news...

Believe it or not, there are quite a few champions of CHK...  Each to his/her own I say.

I believe you are right Henry.  I will post on in the "general" discussion area.

This will be a very important case if it goes against CHK.



Thanks for this post...what is a "letter of intent" if not to secure a deal?  Don't let chk supporters run you off of any thread.

These supporters (bullies?) will be much more indignant before the CHK saga winds up.

I don't any one personally that it happened to, but heard of some who even got the drafts in their hands but was worthless paper when went to bank.


As you know, the world is full of all kinds of folks with all kinds of agendas.

We all remember the lame narrow-minded self-serving bullies from high school.

So, since you're in a serious legal fight with CHK and since you obviously have invested a great deal of time learning a great deal of facts and spot-on particulars in regards to the intricate thievery that Chesapeake has been involved in for years in an effort to scam honest/hard working landowners in our fine state of Louisiana -- it seems you have the moral high ground and many fans.

In other words, you have always been a well-mannered and quite considerate member of GHS who has truly gone out of his way to be civil and compassionate towards others.

The self-serving bullies don't have a clue, nor do they have much of a vote on this site.

Ergo, keep up the good work, Doc.

You're a hero to many of us.

Stick to your guns.

Fight the good fight.

Sue 'em.





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