AMac required to buy back map collection that he sold to CHK for $4 million profit (50%).  I don't know what the problem was.  Isn't that rock bottom for what he expects in his deals with his own company?   They could definitely use some advice from the compensation consultant

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McClendon is gathering millions from company and the company is about bankrupt. When i was forced to retire in about 1995, the ceo of our company Oryx enery was doing the same thing and we were going broke.. He flew out of PHILadelpa on tuesday to Dallas, and about thrusday, flew back, expense paid, and drawing millions out of the company. I was forced out at 61 1/2 (they called it voluntreer) but they told me, you better take this one, you won't like the next. a few months after me and 34 more who were eligible, left they started firing, lay off or whatever, i know one that had 15 years in, that had to go. Sold out to Kerr McGee and shut down oryx. KG wasn't too bad on  my retiremen t and insurance. sold out to Anadarko , and they lied an d relied to me. LOst my medical supplement to medicare , having to pay arrp $325.00 Per month for me and my wife. they promised me the moon , but they lied.  They are now paying medicare D for me and my wife. They promise $172.00 per month per person on medicial. by all i got was medicare d, without the dough nut hole and they tried to tell me medicare cost $172.00. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know better. still getting my small pension, which is handled by anadarko and paid by Kerr Mckee.


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