It sounds like it will be at a community college? At BPCC perhaps?

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No link to an article?  Where did you see the meeting listed?

That's correct! CHK will be holding an informational meeting for its royalty owners. Royalty owners will receive their invitations at a later date.


Also, the local chapter of the National Association of Royalty Owners will be hosting a public meeting for all Haynesville Shale royalty owners March 26 at LSUS from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Will this be for all who are leased by Chesapeake? Our well just came on line March 1st, so we haven't rec'd DO or royalties as of yet?

We'd like to attend to educate ourselves on these processes.

Is this meeting still on?  Are invitations necessary?
I live out of state, is there a way to access this meeting live or review the notes post meeting?

Not really thinking this meeting is happening.  No invitation received and haven't heard of anyone else receiving an invitation.

Hi Donna! Yes, the meeting is still on! the invitations went to those leaseholders who are actively receiving royalty checks. If you still haven't received your invitation, message me with your address and we'll get one out to you! We've had several come back to us, so we want to make sure everyone receives one.


Hi Deborah! I hate that you won't be able to come to the meeting! Unfortunately, since it's going to be very relaxed and an expo-type event we won't be producing a pod cast or posting video.

Hi, Katie.  Yes, I am receiving monthly royalty checks.  My e-mail is



Look forward to getting feedback from those who attend. Maybe someone can give us a detailed report for the out of staters? 
If I have property in Caddo Parish, and haven't been contacted on a property that was connected to a producing well, or a Leased property, do they still have to contact me to pay for mineral that was harvested?  Have no Lease, but i know i'm in the zone.  What do I do?

Someone correct me if I am wrong.  Even though your property is connected (I am assuming you are saying separately owned and bordering) to property producing a well, you still must be in that producing well's section in order to be due royalties.  If you are unleased, you are considered forced pooled and will not receive royalties until the well has paid for itself (all drilling cost have been recouped).  But, when you are force pooled, you should be receiving income statements quarterly showing you the production revenue and expenses.  None the less, Sonris will give you information on the well section and contact names and #'s for the operator of the well.  Good Luck!

Dear Donna Sistrunk Thornton,

 Did you go to the Chesapeake Party? What was it like?

I am completely shallow. I know this isn't an appropriate reply. Still....


Has the font gotten bigger on this site?


Thanks. What did they serve? Were there favors or prizes? (I know you cannot believe ANY one would be this shallow. But I am.)


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