Chesapeake leased a lot of acreage along FM139, NE of Center last year. Does anyone know of any activity at this time? They were issued two drilling permits several months ago but I'm not aware of any drilling on these. Any info would be appreciated.

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Cicero, they just completed another seismic survey from Ashton Hill south to a couple of miles below the Tenaha creek. They will continue south and move into Huxley soon. That is all the activity to report now. Most of those leases done by Chesapeake will expire next summer so something should start happening soon if it does at all. Chesapeake has 2 permits north of where the seimic was done and hasn't drilled them yet. They may not get all their leases drilled before they expire. If I hear or see anything, I will report it to you!!!
Thanks Etola, I really appreciate your comments. I live out of state and I'm having difficulty keeping up with the drilling activities. Our leases were signed in June of 09 and we, of course, like everyone else are anxious to know whats happening in that area. Thanks again
My family lease will expire in June 2011. No one seems to have any info on our mineral rights. Lease name is PW Harvey, Shelby County. If anyone has any info plz. let us know.
There doesn't appear to be anything happening yet in PW Harvey survey or any neighboring surveys. And there are no new permits to report. You may get to lease your minerals again in June. Time is ticking against the company that leased you.


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