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All - our lease just expired in August, after 5 years (3 initial, 2 additional option). We are in Ashland and were in a pooled unit, near Sec.18, T13N, R6W; was anybody else on this board in that same pool? If so, have you heard any news about prospects going forward, ie other companies likely to lease etc? if ever?

Chesapeake told me that they have no plans to renew our lease at this time.

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MKM, if you don't get any responses here, I suggest that you post your question in the Natchitoches Parish Group.

Thanks Skip!

Sounds like a good thing to me.  Five years was long enough to wait to get cheated.  Good luck with search for a new will happen.

Just a few months left and we will expire after 5 years too over in San Augustine county. Prep work was completed with road and site flagged when everybody just vanished back in the Spring.


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