Chesapeake just completed a well on our unit: HA RA SU68 - Morris 35-17-15H which is producing at a rate of 12,792 MCFD since 02/25/2011. We originally signed our lease in Nov. 2007. What can I expect from here and can anyone offer suggestions as to what to watch out for. I keep seeing blogs, etc. that CHK is paying up to 25% less than other producers. Is there some place that i can use or approach to confirm we are getting fair value for our production?

In other words, HELP! 

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Correct, Chesapeake does pay less as I receive from multiple companies and can compare rates.  My understanding is that they have their own affiliates in which they sell to.  As far as I know, there is no way to verify any of it.  Maybe someone else will have info.  You can expect to receive royalties in May or June.

Thank you! Any information helps!


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