My grandfather left some land that was leased by Dolet Hills for coal to his children many years ago. When my father died, his portion of the land was split between me and my 5 siblings. We all receive yearly lease checks and one of my sisters is paying taxes on the land. Chesapeake is now drilling on the land through force pooling, I believe. I have been living in NYC since 2003, so I am unable to find out much from here. My brother was the only one of us to accept their offer, along with what I assume are the owners of the other tracts. Anyway, he is now the only one receiving royalty checks. What are my rights/responsibilities regarding this? Thanks in advance for your help!

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do you have a copy of the lease?

Not the one my brother signed, but I think my sister might.

You are going to need a copy of your father's (land owner's) will and a copy of the mineral contract to look into it.  We had a similar situation.  The land / lease info will be on the contract, then you can chase it through the RR commission in Texas.  Do you know the county this is registered / deeded in?  

This is in Louisiana--DeSoto Parish. Other than my brother, the rest of us had no idea they had even starting drilling the land until my brother asked if Chesapeake had notified us. He signed---we didn't. We haven't heard word one about any of this---they all live in LA and TX and the company did get in touch with them to try to get them to sign a lease. Being in NY, I have never been contacted about anything.

Hi, T. Matzke - I work for Chesapeake and would like to help out. Your best bet is to first try our Contact Center at 1-877-245-1427. If you're unable to find out any information, message me, and we'll go from there. -Katie

Thanks---will do!

looks like you are in great hands.  Good luck to you.  


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