What counts as a good faith effort ? We sold land in 2008 , Had a lease offer in 2006 that went till 2009, they struck gas in 2009 and now say we have no mineral interest due to prescription.  What can I do to prove we interrupted prescription ?

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Did you have signed lease before selling land and did you reserve the lease in the deed on selling. Do you have copy of lease and was it filed for record?
We sold the land but kept half of the mineral rights. We didn't get a lease until 8 years later.
You should probably move this to the main forum. You will get much more eyes looking at it there.
I was under the impression that if mineral rights were kept they do not expire for ten years. The 2009 issue is simply the lease offer and has nothing to do w/ owning mineral rights.
Dr Crystal, something don't sound right in this story. The opening statement says that they sold the land in 2008 and there lease was signed in 2006. The second response was, as the way I read it, they sold the land then granted a lease 8 years later. Confusion rides with this post.


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