Looks like Granadier energery partners II has finally filed a unit application. I know this is in Webster parish but I figured some of you in Claiborne would be interested since you are leased by Grenadier.


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Grenadier is also apparently making lease offers in the Colquitt area (T23N R6W) of Claiborne  Parish. I hope to find out more about the specific locations and offers soon.

Further info indicates that the area of Grenadier's lease offers is not Colquitt, but T22N R8W of Claiborne Parish, about 16 miles west and a little south of Colquitt.

Does anyone know who owns the property in S31 T23 R 9 W in Webster Parish

According to SONRIS, Grenadier has permitted a horizontal well, the WORLEY ESTATE 29 H 001, in Section 29, T22N R8W, of Claiborne Parish. Proposed vertical depth is 10600 feet and proposed measured depth is 14200 feet. This must be in the Cotton Valley or Haynesville formation. Permit has not yet appeared as a document.


Thanks Obed for keeping up with what is going on.


The permit shows that the above Worley Estate well is targeting the non-unitized Cotton Valley.



Thanks Obed , hopefully we will see a permit for sec's 23 and 26 soon ... I appreciate the updates

According to a SONRIS report of 11/17/2015, Grenadier was drilling the Worley Estate well at 9513 feet after  having set 9 5/8" casing to 8150 feet. As mentioned above, this well is permitted for a vertical depth of 10600' and a measured depth of 14200' in the Lower Cotton Valley. They could now be drilling a pilot hole before deciding whether to go horizontal.


 Hi, Obed

Few years back 2016-2017 Grenadier was bought out by a company from Texas they sold the leases they looking through my files Etc but I cannot locate company would you happen to have any word on the latest company that Kings drilling up in Claiborne Parish possibly off Arizona road sections 23 in 26 information would be appreciated. Thank you hope you guys have a great day! Way to go LSU!

Eric, I haven't seen Obed post in a long time.  He may not be following GHS anymore.  If you post the section-township-range location for the drilling rig, I can tell you the company name that operates the well.


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