I know, everyone says don't sell mineral rights, lease them... I posted last year and decided that I would watch and see what happened... This is all like a foreign language to me and I know no more than I did last year... Can anyone tell me if there is any activity in Columbia County, Township 15 South, Range 20 West, the NE/4; the N/2 of N/2 of SE/4 of Section 21, and the NW/4 of Section 22... I own half mineral rights on 360 acres and would like information on what I need to do to sell these rights...

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Why would you sell your mineral rights unless you need the money? The amount you can sell them for is a mere fraction of the potential income. It would be like hocking your rings at the pawn shop! In my opinion...



There are no heirs to leave it to after us. We are in our 70's and our only son is in 50's with no children.

Never sell your mineral rights, only lease them.Your son may need the royalty payments later on in life. I own several acres in Columbia County at Macedonia. Have had these for years dating back to GreatGrandparents. We always lease, always draw a royalty check. The company has gone back in, uncapped old wells and redrilling these. Now gona drill 2 more wells on property. Keep your mineral rights, it does not cost you anything, and you will be happy you did. Any relatives, after you pass, will get the rights to these. Hope this helps you.

Thanks for your response... I probably know you or our parents may have known each other... Are you related to the Jones's family that lives in Macedonia? My parents and grandparents are buried at Harmony.

The land that we have mineral rights on is further north than Macedonia, Northeast of McNeil, and nothing ever seems to happen there... We were thinking that we could get more by selling than he would ever realize by waiting to lease when there has been no interest there.


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