Contract question regarding broker vs. operator as lessee (DeSoto)

My family has had two leases in DeSoto with Chesapeake, one negotiated in 2010. The other one (signed before my time) for 80 acres in Section 16 11N 15W ran out. A landman recently contacted me about the property. His comment: “Vine Oil and Gas has hired us as the broker to buy the leases for them. They will be the operator and own the leases. This is a common practice among oil companies and land companies.”

My issue: The lease (which I haven’t even read yet) does not mention Vine. It names the broker company as the lessee. The Chesapeake leases named Chesapeake as the lessee. When I pointed that out to the landman, he said he would check on it but hasn’t contacted me again. I am very suspicious. How would Vine possibly "own the lease" if the broker is on the contract and Vine is not? I’d appreciate feedback. I'm just now starting my "homework." Thanks very much.

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Thank you.


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