Can anybody tell me if there is any law or regulation that specifies how soon after production has started that division orders are required to be sent out? Chesapeake started production on my property on Sept 20, 2011, and they are telling me that I won't see division orders for 4-6 months. This seems excessive to me.



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Mark, Chesapeake started production on my property March 25, 2011.  Have not received division orders yet. There needs to be a law governing this matter.         Betty



Wow, thats a long time. There does need to be a law governing this. They had your gas on the market within 30 days. That is BS. However, your 1st check is going to be a doozy.

I have one better for you, we actually received division orders, signed them and sent them back by certified mail,  in February of 2011. We have not received a check yet. nor have we heard anything back from Chesapeake at all. Whenever I call back attempting in vain, to try to get some sort of information, (any) information, we get the run around.  They tell you to contact whoever it is on the menu today, and nothing is ever disclosed to us.  and what joy it is to be on hold for up to an hour or more, and then be brushed off.  This is the worst experience ever.  I don't think we will ever be paid, I think Chesapeake is holding out until all of the family has died off and they won't have anyone left to pay. There needs to be some sort of regulations or advocate for owners. I don't understand this at all.   Linda

Louisiana does not require the operator to send out division orders. 

Hang in there guys, you will receive your division orders before long..... and good luck with your wells!!!! 

Mine went into production in August and I have not received division orders yet either.  Someone at Chesapeake told me that they had 90 days but thats not true.

Funny my well went to production April 2011. No D.O. no check. I m in section 29 T11 R12


I would be calling the operator to see what's the problem. 

Thank you. I spoke with a Ms. Gilliam at Chesapeake, She said everything should be taken care of in 2 weeks. As of tomorrow, my well has been production for 365 days. Should be a nice check. Also they are going to pay for March's production as well.

She also said Shell who is the operator didn't show I was the owner, She provided copies to them. I wonder who they thought gave Chesapeake the right to drill. 

I finally got my D.O. last week on Sec 29 T11N R12w. It seems swepi and chesapeak had a dispute which has been resolved. Still waiting 15 months and counting, Sigh



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