Anyone with info about EOG buying out Bluestone Nat. Resources and CH4 Energy in Walker County.

Also check out production on Apollo Gibbs well.  Can this be correct?

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Don't know about the EOG buy out issue but the Apollo Gibbs production is correct. They abandoned the original horizontal and drilled new one - looks like they hit the mother lode!

Mark, I'm new to this forum and am very interested in Walker County. Is there a way to find production numbers from the RRC website? Thanks

The Tx RRC is the best place to find production data without getting some sort of special subscription (e.g.

Below is link to a tutorial on another Forum (The Eagle Ford Forum) that walks you thru some of the key aspects of the Tx RRC site. This site is definitely not "user friendly" but once you figure out how to navigate it, you can find some good production, completion, permit and other data.

Plus here is the direct link to the Tx RRC website (note the production option in the far right column)

Thanks Mark - much appreciated

I have no idea about the buy out but did notice a new drilling permit was filed by EOG on 8/14/2013 for a new well "Toby." Looks like CH4 was the original operator and filed the same permit on 2/13/2013. Not sure if this is the third well in the Zaza JV or if EOG purchased it from CH4...

Just checked some sources - EOG has bought out both CH4 and Bluestone. Your research on the Toby well and operator change confirms this for CH4.

 I too have heard confirmation on EOG Bluestone buyout on some HBP acreage  between Huntsville and Madisonville

Yesterday EOG submitted an operator change for "Grisham" in Madison County. Looks like Bluestone was the the original.

They have also submitted two more permits for verticals in Walker County since Monday. One looks like a servicing/monitoring well. Things are starting to heat up...

What is the production on the Apollo Gibbs?

About 2.5 BCF in the first three months of production (data thru June 2013) on the new lateral. May and June 2013 gas volumes were in the 30 MMCF per day range. Appears that production is from the Georgetown section.

Thx Mark

Thanks. Any oil production?



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