I've got acreage scattered around Houston County, but the main concentration is just south of Crockett. It's actually located within the Davy Crockett Nat'l Forest. I leased all of my acreage to RAS (Roger A. Soape) back in 2012, but I'm curious if anyone else is active around there. I know EOG is buying leases behind Terrace and others, but has anyone heard of any actual exploration/drilling plans for the area? Also, I'm behind on news about this stuff, but obviously with EOG and all the money being spent they must be looking at something big. Would this be Eaglebine? Is the Eaglebine homogenous throughout all these counties? I was under the impression that combo plays like that are pretty scattered. 

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Depending on where the acreage is, yes, the likely target is Eaglebine, Woodbine, Buda, some variation of Eagle Ford, or possibly Bossier sands.  

SM is active to the south, Leor has some interest further west.  Devon drilled a well near Crockett and is in a holding pattern.  XTO drilled near Pennington and we haven't seen anything else from them.  BBX is active further east. 

I got call from land man wanting to lease last week on land I did not even know we owned royalty on. It is over 1000 acres in Trinity county but have no idea where. I am very interested in Pennington, Apple Springs Groveton, and Up towards Crocket. Just anything in that area is exciting to me.

Dan, you likely own a mineral interest that is some fractional portion of the 1000 acre gross tract.  That's usually the case when someone is approached with a lease offer for an ownership interest of which they were unaware.

Anyone know current lease prices? Expiring lease near Weldon.


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