Sorry I posted some questions put didn't put it in a new discussion. Contact by R.A.M. Energy to lease minerals in Walker County. Who are they fronting for? What is the going lease rate, royalty etc? Depth formation? Oil or gas? Who are the players in Walker County? Thanks.


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 Range was there but believe they sold out to ZaZa who is drilling "Stingray" now west of Crabs Prairie --------- think I heard Halcon (New Petrohawk) was building some locations near Bedias  ---------- much drilling in NE Grimes Co. and Southern Houston Co. so this should put some of Northern Walker on a "strike path"

 I would go with what dbob told you about RAM being associated with Halcon

Thank you


Howdy, Dry Hole and Caddo....

There was a lot of talk and rumors about a year or so ago concerning lease action in our area of Walker County (Kittrell at the Walker/Houston County Line) but it has cooled off.  I really haven't heard of anyone (land owners) being approached in quite, maybe the action that Dry Hole mentioned will, once again, get the ball rolling in our spot of Walker County across the river.  Just curious....what would this play be called?  Would it have a name?  Any news or tutoring in this business would be greatly appreciated!   

Drilling on Furguson and Eastham Prisons/your area has been steady by Navidad and or Burk for several years now. My guess is that these two "small" companies have all they can handle and did not bother to send a leasing crew into Walker Co.Also I would watch the ZaZa well in Walker Co. near Crabs Prairie which is drilling now, A good find here would open the door to extend the play on the South side and eastward into Trinity Co. IMHO

 Generally speaking this activity has been an extension of the South Tx Eagle Ford Shale Play but the formation equivalent here is the Woodbine so Industry has nicknamed it the "Eaglebine"  which seems to be vastly different than in South Tx and IMHO is a little more elusive and produces lots more Water than true EFS.

  Also in the attempt to HBP (held by production) acreage companies gained RRC approval to commingle zones in deeper vertical wells and some of these wells have been very good but most likely have a short life as compared to all the contact area gained in a Horizontal Well Bore. Nevertheless New Frac Tech has been the key for both types of Well Bores.


Thanks for the info Dry Hole.


Thanks so much for the information, Dry is very much appreciated!


  Hearing that leasing around Lost Indian Camp Road in Walker Co. is heating up and that Eaglebine leasing is reaching as far south as Huntsville Livestock Auction Barn in general

    Also hearing of leasing @ Point Blank in San Jacinto Co. to the East. that was triggered by SM "Horizon" wells near Riverside.


I'll have to do some research to see exactly where that location is in Walker County, Dry Hole....thanks so much for the information...and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!!! 

"Lost Indian Camp" road is just North of Huntsville....take FM 247 North out of Huntsville and head towards Midway and about a third of the way there, you will pass the road on your right.  The road runs East-North East almost all the way to the river...not very far from me...but still across the river from me on the Kittrell side of Walker County.   

The way I remember it, when I studied the James Lime & put the very first horizontal James deal together & sold it to the old UPRC (Shelby Co. Texas), the Pearsall is the age-equivalent of the James throughout (at least) LA - E.Texas) -

GoRicky, can you tell us some more info that you may know on the Pearsall in E TX and W LA?

Yes across the river from you ------- underground geology does NOT stop at Rivers, Roads,Survey and abstracts or County lines but a landmans map might. Landman will start with one abstract and then tell folks in the next abstract that they are "on the edge" and after several months those folks are right in the middle lol

  Nobody wants to claim your area,  bet before the new bridge your commissioner & SO wanted to give it away lol 

   Wonder what they were thinking 160 yrs ago when they drew those county lines ----- if there was trouble the deputy had to swim the river.

   Don't think you have to worry much unless oil drops below say $75 -------- the South Tx part of this play has absorbed much of the capital, manpower, machinery, time and thoughts of big oil or they would have already covered us up.



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