I have a friend with a small mineral interest in the area of the current Stingray A1H/RE well in Walker County. Do you know if this well is currently producing that it would be worth him pursing a lease as well by chance? Any help or comment and info on this well would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!!!

Also, some advice on what can be done if his property is touching the current lease and wanting to check where exactly to production is coming from.....

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Here are the production graphs from DrillingInfo for the Stingray well - one month for ZaZa and the rest for EOG.

Total of about 106 MMCF & 1400 BC so far thru the dates reported


You are so nice Mark P. Thank you so much for sharing your resources and uploading these for me. Thanks again!!!


The stingray itself has been disappointing due to completion issues, but has probably demonstrated decent potential based on the actions of EOG.  The landmen will generally recommend against aggressively shopping for a lease - if someone is interested, they'll find him.  Shopping for a lease may bring lowball offers.

That said, thats not my area of expertise and hopefully someone else will comment.  I would encourage you to follow the permits in the area, just to make sure its not included as an unleased tract.

Walker County permit by SM Energy for the Ben Unit #1H, permit #778861, a wildcat in the P. Blanchet Survey, A-7.

Plat http://webapps.rrc.state.tx.us/dpimages/img/2100000-2199999//PR0002...



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