Sorry I posted some questions put didn't put it in a new discussion. Contact by R.A.M. Energy to lease minerals in Walker County. Who are they fronting for? What is the going lease rate, royalty etc? Depth formation? Oil or gas? Who are the players in Walker County? Thanks.


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Thanks so much, Lucky....and maybe I'll get lucky, too!!!  I'll be sniffing around to see what the current deals are going for in our area.  I'm just a Rancher and Fiddler and not very versed in the ways of the oil business.  I'll hit the net and my neighbors and see what it looks like.  I do, however, know that patience is a, let the offers begin...I'm in no hurry to lease and will wait for the best deal. 

Sure has been quiet here lately...I reckon that the Oil Companies are finishing up their books for the 2014 year and making ready for the Christmas break and the coming New Year.  So, with that thought in mind...Merry Christmas to all and a safe, healthy, prosperous and blessed New Year to everyone here on GHS...may your 2015 be the best year ever!!!


Yeah times are starting to look pretty rough. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you also

Howdy Lucky 347 and all here at GHS....

Just checking in to see how things are going since the first of the year?  I've been watching the Josey Wales and all looks to be complete.  There has still been the usual traffic with the tankers hauling along FM 230, FM 3478 and FM 980 in and around Walker County.  So, I just thought I'd drop a note and see what else is up and if there is any good news, bad news or in between news about the "Oil Bidness" on the other side of the river for Walker County?  Wishing all a splendid Spring 2015 and beyond! 

The Fiddler 

Merry Christmas, Y'all...and best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year to all...!!!   Yep, I gotta remain optimistic for the Oil Bidness... so, we'll just say:  "Been down so long, looks like up to me"...

Let's all hope for a renewed interest in our area....after all, they are building pipelines all around us!

The Fiddler

Howdy. Walker County Folks,

Just checkin' in to see if any activity has come back around to visit us.  It seems like the OPEC dudes succeeded in doing what that set out to do and got rid of the small exploration companies.  By reducing the price per barrel to around $40 they made it really tough on the little guys and the big domestic companies were the only ones to survive.  I guess what they weren't counting on was the fact that they need $85 per barrel over in the Mid-East and Russia to sustain their livelihood.  So...they write a check to their Pakistani workers and send'em home since they can't keep payin' them at $40 bucks a jug...and they can't get the price back up to at least $85 to keep'em from losin' their Bentleys and big houses.   Hummm....So, what's gonna happen now?  It may take awhile...3 years or see what the fallout will be, but I'm countin' on the good old USA producers to make a comeback and rule the roost for awhile.  It sure would be nice to see all the landmen and speculators ease back to the Walker County Courthouse and campout for awhile.  I guess I'm the eternal optimist but, like I said back in December of 2015:  "Been down so long, looks like up to me". Let's hope the Big Boys come and visit cows won't mind at all and I'll even play'em a tune on my fiddle!      

Oil companies are taking money out of one pocket & putting it in another - at best -.  Little private companies can probably get prospects drilled, but the majors & midcaps have hunkered-down in spots & are focused on trying not to go broke. A royalty check can be deposited & used to invest in things that can help make the money grow - -


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