It is probably nothing to get excited about, but a little good news for Harrison County.  We had gotten a notice several months ago from Covey Park that they had bought a Penn Virginia unit we have a small interest in.  Since that point we have been watching them and it appears they are taking a few leases and buying some leases from other operators.  They are concentrating on the east part of the county. Kathy

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Where in Harrison County is the unit?

Thanks for the information.  Our property is on Plant Road, south of the Wildlife Refuge.

Covey Park is reporting production on all of the PV Haynesville wells in Harrison Co. (one in Panola) and all are on east side of the county. I don't think PV ever drilled HA west of Marshall, iirc.

What is the general location of these wells?

The Marsh Gas Unit #2H is located 14.1 miles SE of Marshall.  Go south 7 miles on Hwy. 59, then east on Hwy. 1186 2.7 miles then right on Hwy. 1307 1.8 miles.

Yep.  I'm encouraged by all the recent sales as all the sellers had stopped drilling and the buyers will likely spud some new wells in the near future.

Did CP buy BP leases east of hallsville?

Not that I've heard of.

Thanks, Kathy.  Covey Park also has a rig in DeSoto Parish currently drilling the Chaffin Heirs 4-33HC.

The rig was still on the Marsh Unit as of Friday.

LOL!  I would be happy to contribute some of my rainfall, Kathy.  My neighbor's backyard has been underwater for about 20 days in the last 60.

Is anything new going on southeast of Hallsville?  We received an offer for royalty in a producing unit (Faron Cain Unit) from San Saba that calculates to over 7 years of royalties.  Does San Saba know something we don't?  Are new wells in the unit likely?


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