I'm looking for a reasonably priced Oil & Gas or Real Estate attorney to help me with a mineral ownership issue. The minerals are in Smith county so I was looking for someone in the Tyler area. I cant spend a lot of money as the mineral interest is very small. Thanks fo any help.

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two excellent----Tim Simpson  903 597 8311 110 N College Street Tyler, TX  or Gaylord Hughey 305 Ferrell PL 903 597 6192---- They will charge by time per hour so ask for estimate of time to complete what you need-- or they may do flat fee if you situation is straight forward--- Get understand of fee up front---do as much of foot work yourself if you need to look up titles,deeds, Wills, etc can go on line or go to county clerk office staff can assist you to find what you need then let attorney review all of this to answer your questions

I use Pinky Palmer 903 935 9303

He is in Marshall but that's only an hour from you.

He will always return your calls and knows his business.

Dave___you could also hire a landsman to go to court house and run title for you at less of hourly cost than attorney if you just need title run to show ownership -- do you need this for Estate heirs or for a lease pending -- the lessee landsman will run title for bonus of what net number of acres of minerals you have ,but it is not a final Title opinion that will be used to verify for DO that will be done by operator's attorney to cure title before DO issued. You can get Title Opinion by attorney yourself for what ever reason you need it for but more hours involved by attorney -- so what you spend depends on your need

2nd try. Sorry guys I've been busy and out of touch. Thanks for the responses. Heres my situation. I'm from Illinois. In 2002 my uncle died and when I was going thru his records I found a unrecorded deed to my Grandfather for a mineral interest in Smith county. I didn't have the time to investigate at that time so I went ahead and recorded the deed and had the interests I could transfered to living relatives. After research I believe the deed to be valid, the man he received the interest from did own them at the time. According to the RRC GIS map there are no wells on the property now or has there been any for as long as the records are shown on that map. A drive by confirmed this on the porion of the property I could see. There was a lease on the property in the 1940's but I'm not sure if there was any drilling done or any production. I'm reasonably certain my Grandfather never received any royalty. I'm not certain if the gentleman who owned the balance of the minerals transfered them or what happens to his interest if he did not. I'm assuming he is no longer alive. He did not own the surface. Also not sure how to verify past production or what happens to that royalty if the buyer does not know who to send it to. After thinking about that it may be considered that my Grandfather did not own the minerals until the deed was recorded. Not sure on that. Thanks again for the info on the attorneys.

Dave--- it's good that  you recorded the deed you found in Smith County, but of course that does not give proof of  ownership. Title will still need to be run for Title opinion to verify and cure Title. How many net acres to you think is stated in the mineral deed? If in area of no activity for past multiple decades it may be mute point anyways. But you never know what maybe deep below. Always good to manage and keep record of the minerals you may own. If no production it cost nothing to keep them. Good luck

Dave-- you can go to https://texaslandrecords.com/txlr/TxlrApp/index.jsp with is a records search of multiple county in Texas. Click on counties near top of page next to home  and then click on Smith County. Click free search and You will see search for Grantor/Grantee--- simply type in your Grandafather's name and you can find deeds,etc for about past 50 years. You will need to and can registrator user name and credit card and download and print copies of any deeds, oil & gas leases or other property transaction listed. Cost nothing to search and locate any documents under whoever name you search, but to open read and print just $1 per page. Very easy to use web site and if you can find on line it beat going to Court House County Clerks office


My name is Clay. I live in Tyler and I have been dealing with similar issues with my great grandfather. I am a landman and would be happy to assist. I would not charge anything since I am in the court house anyways, and I know what your dealing with. You can give me a call at 903-245-1936. If I dont answer, I am probably in the court house so please leave a message. There is quite a bit of activity in Smith County, so it may be to your advantage to know as much as possible.



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