It's been a long time since new wells in Lincoln Parish appeared on the daily list of permits to drill.  Range hasn't received a permit since July 2019.

Well Permits By Date

Cnt Parish Name Status Well Serial Well Name Well Num Permit Date Org ID Location Field Field Name Meas Depth
1 LINCOLN 01 252502 LCV RA SUM;MCGINTY 1 H 001-ALT 15-OCT-20 N119 036-19N-03W 7806 RUSTON 15700
2 LINCOLN 01 252503 LCV RA SUM;MCGINTY 1 H 002-ALT 15-OCT-20 N119 036-19N-03W 7806 RUSTON 15650

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Thanks, Skip.  That's good news!  Hopefully, Castleton Resources will soon file a permit, or two, and we can all find out whether they really got a bargain -- or not.

You're welcome.  Hopefully Castleton will be a better fit for the Terryville Complex.  Range was a disappointment.  It was a great play until they took over.  Their hubris was astounding.


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