Just noticed that on 5/24/2011 STM Oil & Gas submitted
for 7 vertical drilling permits at a location that is 4.2 miles north of
Jefferson and adjacent to Hwy 59 on the west side. Is this a new area of interest
for oil/gas and does anyone have any other information for other mineral/land
owners in this play?

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I'm still trying to figure out who STM is.

SOS:  Manager: David McAlpine

Filing Number:  801400085  Entity Type:  Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) 
Original Date of Filing:  March 21, 2011  Entity Status:  In existence 
Formation Date:  N/A     
Tax ID:  32043868531  FEIN:   
Duration:  Perpetual     
Name:  STM Oil & Gas LLC 
Address:  7100 OAKMONT BLVD STE 102
FORT WORTH, TX 761323911 USA 

Mr. McAlpine appears to be a Ft. Worth OBGyn. 
Address & Contact Information:
David B Mc Alpine MD
7100 Oakmont Boulevard Suite 102
Fort Worth, TX 76132
Must..... resist.....urge.... to....make....bad...jokes
More seriously, this is 7 vertical wells to 12,000 feet. Maybe $4million per hole. Lotta risk unless someone is certain something of interest is there.
Do you think maybe if they have good shows in the first well they wouldn't have to drill another hole and could just flip the acreage to someone else?

I see only one dry hole drilled in this survey and I cannot determine any other information from RRC.

It seems very unusual to permit 7 wells in a small unproven area at one time. Not sure what to make of this but  could prove very interesting for future conversations.  

I suggest someone post the plats from the well permits.

There was a dry hole drilled for oil on this survey back in the 1980s.  It was located about 150 yards west of Hwy 59.  You can still see a pipe sticking out of the ground in that location.  Is that the dry hole to which you refer?

For a suggestion about "what to make of this", see my post below.


According to the RRC the location you mention appears to be the dry hole for oil.


The seven permitted wells are less than 1 mile north of a large number of oil wells that run northeast to southwest and have been producing for many years with many of those wells  capped. I was in hope that the Keahey would be an extension of this oilly field and the seven wildcats would be part of the expansion.

I have seen all those oil wells you mention.  Since I own minerals in the area of the 7 permits, I share your "hope",  but I have been told that the current wildcat activity is going for gas at a lower depth.  I'm sure it's possible that a little oil and other distillates will come along with it, but the main play is for gas. 

As you can see from my other posts, it is my opinion that the seven permits are not bona fide expressions of drilling intent. 

Sorry to quash your hopes on the expansion of an "oilly field", but I think there is evidence that this area may be a gas producer.  The Keahey and Pegasi wells along with aggressive leasing activity by Bachtell seem to indicate that. 

Do you own minerals in the area?  Have you leased them?


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