Does anyone know if Anadarko has spudded their well about 11 miles northwest of Jefferson?

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no they have not.their drilling permit has not been approved yet.

Nabors rig M24 spudded on Friday, 12-20-13. The permit was approved 11-25-13. They will test the Haynesville and complete in the Woodlawn (Cotton Valley) according to the permit. Time will tell...

Anadarko has filed a new permit for the Talboys Gas Unit #1H in the I. H. Johnson Survey, A-216 also in the Woodlawn (Cotton Valley). No mention of Haynesville on this one.

Anadarko has filed for (and recieved) an SWR 37 exception for four unit tracts (12, 15, 16 & 20) in the Clark Gas Unit which have (numerous) unleased mineral owners who APC says they have been unable to locate. The service list and the Unit Plat are attached. If you know any of these people or families please tell them to contact Anadarko so they can sign a lease. Contact information for Anadarko is found on the attached Notice of Application.

The SWR 37 Exception was granted back in November so there is no point in going through the whole application protest thing as outlined on the application. If you sent one in now it would be rejected as not being timely. I am posting this so that some of these people may be able to secure a lease and royalties however small they may be.



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