I think that this well may very well be the reason behind the recent interest in leasing in far west North Caddo and adjoining areas of Cass and Marion counties.


COMPANY: Rock Well Petroleum (US) Inc, SL 173 11, 2: 242085. WHERE: Caddo Pine Island, S 11. T. 20N R. 16W. DAILY PRODUCTION: 120 mcf gas on 30/64 choke; 96 barrels 42 gravity condensate; 240 barrels water. PRESSURE: 30 lbs. SPECIFICS: Annona Chalk; perforations, 2310-5600 feet, depth, 5600 feet.

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Recently signed a gas lease with Ashley Ann Energy, L.L.C. of Shreveport. Field Notes surveyed by Ralph Daniels, Registered Public Surveyor on May 9,

1973 and filed in Volume 364, Page 543 of the Deed Records of Marion County, Texas.  Tracts previously described as an 81.625 acre tract and a 20 acre tract, Thomas Davis Survey A-109, Marion County, Texas.  The Thomas Davis Survey is in the Northeast corner of Marion County, just a couple of miles from the Louisiana/Texas border.  The tracts were originally purchased by Tycus Hart, Jr. in 1914 (81.625 ac.) and 1915 (20 ac.). Lease is located on FM 2683, and Hwy 49 in Marion County, east of Lodi, Texas.

Curious .. what $ value was the lease agreement ... I have 279 ac near that area ,,, very nearly on the Tx-La border ,,, about 5 miles southwest of Vivian


Is the leasing activity picking up now?

Interesting enough, with less than a month of the ink drying on the lease, and filing at Jefferson court house, Arrowhead Royalty, LLC of Tyler, Tx wants to buy out the lease, and minerals of the Hart heirs.



Do you know any landmen working the area? I have ac. & looking to lease

I am aware of lease offers by Ashley Ann Energy.  I wouldn't get in any hurry to lease just yet.  I'd like to see some competition develop based on this well result.


ASHLEY ANN ENERGY, LLC Limited Liability Company SHREVEPORT Active

Charter Number: 36417823 K
Registration Date: 3/30/2007
Domicile Address
  7607 FERN AVE., #1003
Mailing Address
  7607 FERN AVE., #1003
Status: Active
Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
File Date: 3/30/2007
Last Report Filed: 3/7/2011
Type: Limited Liability Company

Registered Agent(s)
Address 1: 7607 FERN AVE., #1003
City, State, Zip: SHREVEPORT, LA 71105
Appointment Date: 3/30/2007

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No 
Title: Member
Address 1: 7607 FERN AVE., #1003
City, State, Zip: SHREVEPORT, LA 71105
Title: Member
Address 1: 1533 NOTTOWAY PLACE
City, State, Zip: BOSSIER CITY, LA 71112
Thanx Skip ,, I'll keep that in mind

I tried to work a deal with Ashley Ann but they were adamant on not changing anything in the lease form, then they cut back on the tracts they wanted to lease.  Decided not to lease with them.


I made contact with Ashley Ann, they told me their client wasn't looking at my particular survey areas at this time, but wouldn't be specific about where. Didn't offer any information about others looking the area.


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