15.5 miles NE of Jefferson, to a depth of 12000'.  S.A. Miller survey.  Still looks like they are working through some issues based on the current status.



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Drilling underway.  Supposed to finish around the 4th of July.
This well was completed. It's very near the Tx-La Line. Comments I've heard it was used for seismic testing. Not informed of anything further with this well.

Did the Billingsley well ever turn out any results?

Talked to a Landman that knows the area and worked with Devon, he couldn't find out anything other than its a test well.


I had been in contact with Devon because I have minerals in the same area. As of early August, they are no longer looking in the area.


Disappoints me too.

Well, musta been poor poor results.
Halliburton frac is rigging up on the Billingsley today. It will be a 13 stage frac job. The word on location is that the target formation is the Cotton Valley.
They did add the Carthage, N. (Cotton Valley) field to the permit last week.
Wildfire in the area is slowing things down from what I understand.
This well has experienced really wierd problems. First, Halliburton sent pure sand down the hole instead of the fracing mixture. This had to be removed. Then there was a fire and all of the equipment and explosives had to be moved to safety. Finally, after the fracing was finished, the drill to remove the plugs got stuck in the hole and has to be fished out and the drill out of the plugs has to be completed. The well is already connected to the pipeline and is ready to go once this is completed. The operator keeps telling us it will be a very good well but we will see what happens when the last step is completed.

Raymond Hoss wants to join the Marrion county disscussion. Mr. Billingsley how did the Billingsley turn out in marrion county.

 David Sims wants to join the Marion County discussion. I observed that Devon has applied fora 2nd permit (Billingsley 4H) in this lease. I assume the 1st well was successful to permit a 2nd one. Any updates?

I didn't find a completion report for or any production from this well (1H) so it's not clear that it was a successful completion.  


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