Precision Drilling Rig #577 reported "Rigging Up' on the LA Minerals 18-19 HC #1 on 8/6 with projected spud date of 8/7.

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Thanks for the update, Skip. Glad to see big-gorilla Aethon has moved a high-horsepower rig onto the pad. They're getting it done a bit sooner than I'd expected. With NG prices zooming up, up, up -- this warms the heart. Bodes well for things to come. Looks like the roughnecks will have some idea, even if it's speculative, of the location's potential before Thanksgiving. Lucky us.     

I wouldn't count on the rig crew / rough necks knowing anything about potential. They will be long gone before the frac crew comes in and does their thing.

Wonder what sort of time frame will pass between rig move off and frac operations? Timing probably impacted by the construction of gas pipeline to be able to take post frac straight to sales instead of flaring it.

There is a gathering system in place so only a line from the well site to the closest tap will be required.  Chesapeake came through the Ashland Field in 2011 and drilled three wells.  Two were completed as Haynesville and one as Cotton Valley.  Those early wells under performed so Chesapeake moved on to other areas.  At the time this was considered the eastern extremity of the economic fairway.  Not surprising to see Aethon give the Ashland Field another go with updated well designs that have worked in other peripheral areas of the known fairway.  These three wells were produced until 2016.

Thanks for the insight, RM. In the past some of the guys on the drilling/frac crews have shared their insider thinking with the locals living near the Ashland Field. Of course, one has to take such roughneck scuttlebutt with a grain of salt. That's true. Note that CHK put a pipeline in near there years ago for the Guin well, I think it was. So turning to sales might be sooner rather than later since they'll be motivated to cash in on the high NG hub prices.

Attached a map from ENVERUS showing the new permit (20500) versus nearby historical well control. The three nearby laterals all went off line in 2016 - not that long ago so as to allow for that gathering line to be in pretty good shape.

I am sure that Aethon has been talking to pipeline owner about tap fees, line pressure and capacities.

Note - the old vertical gas wells on this map went off line in 1984. I would worry that line as a viable option since it has been dormant for over 36 years.


As I remember it, the CHK pipeline came up straight from the south (not the SW) to produce the Guin well. It was a brand new ROW. Of course my memory might be wrong.

Looking at the IP pressures for the two HA completions, I would expect that the existing gathering lines are rated for high pressure and are of adequate diameter for this well.  But what do I know, I am but a lowly landman.  :-)  Thanks for the map Rock Man.  I would think that rock on the peripheral of the defined economic fairway that has existing infrastructure would be of interest to a number of companies.  I'm still processing how far north Trinity has drilled and continues to form HA units in northwest Caddo Parish.  Most of the early Haynesville focused operators took a look at the rock in 18N-16 &15W and quickly moved on south.  That area, Town of Blanchard/Longwood Field area, was without any exploration for about eight years until Comstock came along with the backing of USG Properties (nextera) in 2018.  Of course that was still early in the era of ever longer laterals and evolving high intensity frac designs.  Not a complete total surprise that it worked well along I-20 but economic wells have been made another 8 to 9 miles further north to date.  That was under performing rock deemed to have to great of a clay content.  And that is a surprise to me.  See my disclaimer above.  :-)

Sonris shows the 577 released from this well and it looks like the rig has moved out of the parish on the Precision rig locator. Maybe Aethon and Halliburton will send in the all-electric fracturing spread at some point.

Thanks, Daniel.  I would be good to know when the completion ops get underway.


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