Chesapeake Permits 1st Haynesville Shale Well in T13N-R7W (6/8/10)

Chesapeake joins other operators in testing the eastern limits of the Haynesville Shale play with this long awaited first well permit in T13N-R7W and the first in the Ashland Field.

Chesapeake, PH 8 #H1 Well, Serial #241491, S8-T13N-R7W

S8-T13N-R7W, CV RA SUD Unit, Chesapeake, Ashland Field, Natchitoches Parish

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This is definitely good news! Now let's pray for good production and better NG prices.
GD -

Hopefully for your family and others nearby this well will spur more good leases and production. I've had the privilege of meeting a lot of good folks around Ashland through my grandparents and am so glad to know they had a lifetime of good friends.

Good luck to all and God bless.
Very glad to see the action in Ashland! I hope it is a very productive well, a lot of good people in that area. Still waiting patiently a little further east in Readhimer. Really liking the current trend I see.
Hey GD, CHK probably put the bonus draft into each coffin.
The Hawthorn Cemetery board was offered $2,000 per acre by Chesapeake, but has not signed a lease as of this time.
Thanks for the update.

Must be some really heavy stuff. So they are going to cross the old L&A railroad line with a pipeline?
GD, I wonder who will be the pipeline company? Centerpoint Field Services should be a stong contender.
Could someone tell me where Regency Energy pipeline runs?
Ken, please see the attached.
Thanks Les, not sure I would get a answer on this one. One of not many stocks doing good these days.
I thought Texas Eastern had a pipeline in the area?
Marc. several major west-to-east gas pipelines cross thru the state ~ 10 miles north of this area but an intermediate gathering system such as CP or Regency would be required for transport to those pipelines.


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