Chesapeake has now permitted a 3rd Haynesville Shale well in the Ashland Field and T13N-R7W.  This would indicate early results from the PH 8 H1 Well must have been encouraging.


Chesapeake, Guin 20 #H1 Well, Serial #, S20-T13N-R7W

S20-T13N-R7W, HA RA SUG Unit, Chesapeake, Ashland Field, Natchitoches Parish

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What would that mean to someone with acreage in T14 - R8W - S33, 34, & 35 and T13 N - R8W - S3?
June, I would say this positive news since your acreage is northwest of the activity but we still need to see some actual well test results.
Are they actually drilling on Guin 20 currently?
Ann, the Nomac Drilling LLC/Marsh 56 Rig reported 10 days drilling ahead @ 4025' last Friday. Yes, the Guin 20 is underway. Good Luck.
I see the Guin and the Ph. Where's the 3rd well?
Gayden, the following well has been reported by other sources but has not been posted in Sonris.

Chesapeake, Hood 17 #H1 Well, S8(17)-T13N-R7W, Ashland Field
Gayden, the Hood well was posted on Sonris today.

Chesapeake, Hood 17 #H1 Well, Serial #242238, S8(17)-T13N-R7W
Les, we live out of state and it's a little challenging keeping up with exact locations etc. down there. Our property is S18, T-13N, R-6W. Is that close to the wells discussed above? We have been leased with Chesapeake for 3 years, and they just extended our lease this past August for 2 years.
MKM, see the attached map of your area. The three Haynesville Shale wells are about 5 miles west of your section.

Chesapeake, PH 8 #H1 Well, Serial #241491, S8-T13N-R7W
Chesapeake, Hood 17 #H1 Well, Serial #242238, S8(17)-T13N-R7W
Chesapeake, Guin 20 #H1 Well, Serial #242011, S20-T13N-R7W
Thank you Les B. I believe our property abutts the Guin property. I must have the wrong section number. Do you know how they are doing on the drilling and if they have found anything yet?
Ann, see the attached for a map of the well path. I would suggest you post a question on Gosh Darn's page as he seems to always have the inside scoop on wells in this area.
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question - and for the map!



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