Great news for Natchitoches, Red River and Desoto! Bossier Shale located over Hanesville!

The latest release from Encana says that a discovery of the Bossier Shale is very thick and viable over the Hanesville shale in these parishes. Although Natchitoches is not named, the map on page two indicated excellent potential and the wells in marked in yellow dots are in North Natchitoches. In another press release, Encana redrew the lines of high productivity all the way to Natchitoches and stated that there may be potential later further south. Production in the Bossier/Hanesville shale shows viable and profitable even with lower gas prices which is great news for those in that area.

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Yeah, well -- I just wish it was as rosy as the spin . . .

Because my family has a track of unleased land near Ashland (which I don't foresee being leased anytime soon since they won't take a low-ball offer).

Glancing through this hype to pump EnCana stock (by an investment firm) -- there are some word games that clearly state EnCana has had problems with their horizontals in RR.

And it looks to me as though DeSoto is a legit sweet spot (based upon all the info from all the operators, not just this or EnCana) and that RR has solid potential, of course.

Finally, the Mid-Bossier -- in my shade-tree, unprofessional analysis -- seems to be overblown compared to the HS.

Of course, I wish the MB did match the HS. Good for my family in Coushatta and Natch. P.
While I agree with "rosy as the spin", I wouldn't count the Bossier shale out. Having been on some of the wells from Desotto to Sabine parishes, the further south you go the Bossier has given quite a few nasty kicks due to a fracture network in the upper part of the formation. We need not forget that all the Cotton Valley wells that were being drilled before the Haynesville release were overlying the Bossier, catching the gas that was seeping from fractures etc...
Everyone of course is entitled to their opinion. I don't really have a solid opinion as my information is coming from Colt Venture Capital in Dallas, and verified by a drilling and operating concern in Shreveport, La. whom I have gotten to know.

The buzz about the Bossier Shale is making news all over the gas drilling world. Here is another take from another source:
Sorry, I guess this is some of the same information. I suggest reading the entire announcement from the first post.

At least this is positive news. I do believe that the Bossier Shale will add to the viability of drilling where it exists. Might not cover areas like Ashland, etc. Also interesting that Encana is saying that the production costs are becoming less because of what is being learned as they drill.

One good thing seems to be that where the Bossier exists over the Hanesville, the low cost of natural gas now does not affect the desire to drill these areas AS MUCH. It seems that the low price of natural gas affects us all at the present and is probably the reason why the leasing slowed along with the enormous amount of capital that is invested already.
You know my opinion is uneducated at best, but I believe northwest Natchitoches Parish (and maybe a larger portion), will become involved in the mid-Bossier/Haynesville/Cotton Valley play in the future. I agree, it is not going to happen tomorrow, or maybe a few years, but I believe it will happen.
Just my opinion.
Thank you Pat for this posting. You are always a good source of encouragement for Natchitoches Parish
I got a letter from Encana's attorney's and it says they are applying for permits to drill 6 new wells in Red River parish bordering Natch.,just caddie corner from me Sec 28 T 13 R 9 West red river parish. I hope that this is good news or that they will hit a good well seeing that I have not sighned a leased yet. They seem to be trying to get these lease that may expire soon and for me hopefully will bring good tides for me. Anyone hear of these attempts to get permits to drill here? Hope for good news.
Gizbeau, I would be very interested if you find out any more details on specific sections. I do know a lot of lease agreements will be expiring in the 3rd Qtr 2010 so the clock is ticking.
Having just left a meetting with ENCANA in Natchitoches I believe the they ENCANA will start to drill in this or these sections simple because of the lease agreements. Some people were paid 100 dollars a acre. hope that something happens and that these folks get a better deal
Do they ever tell you what they find when they do the surveys? Our land was surveyed last year in Golddonna and we have never heard anything officially yet. We were only told by some of the guys out there "off the record" that we had oil and gas out there. Anybody know anything?


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