I am wondering if there are specific reasons most of Natchitoches Parish has been left out of the leasing/drilling as seen in Sabine parish our neighbor to the west? I've been told bottom hole temperature, is too great for the directional equipment to see where its going.

I am looking for comfermation, or any other reasons.


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JRC, the southern portion of the Haynesville/Bossier Shale play trends in a northeast/southwest direction.  So northern Sabine Parish may be more similar in charcteristics to Red River Parish.  Also, as you stated, the Haynesville/Bossier Shale becomes deeper (and higher in pressure and temperature) to the southeast into Natchitoches Parish making drilling and completions more challenging.


Finally, in some some areas as you move south the amount of faulting increases which presents more issues.    


So what is your opinion of the Powhatten area? I believe north 10-8 area. Seems to be right on the fringe. I believe there is a lot of gas but to challenging until ng prices go up. What is your take?


I love reading your post on here and appreciate your expert opinion. Thanks

BB, it is difficult to tell the quality of shale formation in that area due to the lack of well results.  EnCana drilled two excellent wells ~ 6 miles to the west and northwest.    The Haynesville Shale may be too deep in the Powhatten area to drill at this time.  Only time will tell if EnCana and others will move activity southeast into that area. 

Les B, in the Natchitoches Parish Eagle Ford Shale Oil thread, you posted the following comment about a well that was permitted in 8N-8W for the Eagle Ford, but which ended up being drilled apparently solely for the purpose of interrupting prescription:


Shaye, if the Eagle Ford Shale is productive in this area it would likely be "oily".


That is a provocative comment and it seems more companies would be rushing to this more southerly area to determine the geology, not for purposes of extracting dry gas, but for potential oil.  Do you anticipate ramped up interest in the near future for this area?         

Tom, the key is "if the Eagle Ford Shale is productive".  Evidently producers do not currently have a high confidence level regarding the EFS in this area.  My comment was primarily in response to why the well was permited as an oil well rather than a gas well. 
The new round of 3-D seismic surveying currently going on in already unitized and not yet unitized sections of Natchitoches parish may either step up the leasing/drilling activity or keep it at a standstill, depending upon what is revealed.

Well CCG Veritas has completely left the area, They were doing most of the seismic work and had a large building in Natchitiches leased. They have packed up and are gone, also we never saw any seismic activity in southern Natchitoches Parish.

 I havent heard of any other company doing this type of work in the area.

Now where would someone get info on fault lines in our area southern Natchitoches Sec. 69 T7N-R6W, Sec. 4 T6N-R6W So its looking like pretty much there's no interest in this area.

CGG Veritas is conducting, or will be shortly, another 3D seismic survey....At least in the Ajax area.  Permit cover letter they sent me identified the survey as "Bayou Castor 3-D."  But, it went on to say they wanted permit on land in "DeSoto Parish, LA & Panola County, TX."  But the actual permit identified the project as "Natchitoches Phase II."  Was to cover portions of Natchitoches, DeSoto & Sabine Parishes.  If you can believe the map, the north boundary is just south of Ajax.  No indication of how far it goes south, east, or west.  Hope this helps....
I recently read in the Natchitoches new in the Legal section about this.  Unable to locate this information, but I will give the information to you, from memory, as best I can.  The West line, as best as I could determine is the Natchitoches and Sabine line.  The North is highway 174 going East and near I 49, and then down to highway 485 near I 49.  The South boundry is near highway 120.  The news also indicated that this 3D would be done in 2012.  I will try to get additional information and provide it unless someone else provides before I am able.  My family has some small acreage around Ajax and Veritas has contacted us to conduct 3D seismic survey on this land.

A post in another thread states this seismic shoot in 10N-10W was to be completed by January 1.  Is anyone hearing any information yet regarding the findings?  Depending upon what is revealed, the results may either ramp up leasing activity in the southeasterly corner or end further expansion of the Haynesville in that direction altogether.

Southern Natchitoches Parish landowners should take heart, as it may be discovered that area overlies the Louisiana Eagle Ford Shale or TMS.  Surprises keep coming, so never a dull moment in the oil patch.      

I think the 3D shoot started in January. They just leased an acre from a family member to land their helicopter. I heard they were moving some equipment in this week.

Surely by now they have been there and gone - maybe I spoke too soon about "never a dull moment in the oil patch", as lately it has been about as exciting as watching paint dry.  Even gossip from the locals would be more interesting than nothing at all.  Any news?         


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