EnCana has applied for two (2) additional Haynesville units for the Grogan Field in Natchitoches Parish.

The hearing will be held on October 27th in Baton Rouge.

S1-T10N-R10W, HA RA SUR Unit, Encana, King Hill Field, Natchitoches Parish
S11-T10N-R10W, HA RA SUS Unit, Encana, King Hill Field, Natchitoches Parish

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thanks for the update

we are just below this location near allen leased to anadarko. (15 months left on lease)we were told that encana extended some leases south of our property near spanish lake last week i would think that is good news for our area. what do you think about the messenger well and the area in general? do you know anything about anadarko? do you think they will extend or lease or let it go? thanks again for all your information.


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