New Units at Powhattan and across Red River at 7 C's ranch area, IP MILL

4 new units being unitized, East and West of North Powhattan area both sides of River! Alot of Ned Henry and Jolley Nash and 7 C's on the east side of the river. This might mean that Anadarko is getting ready to ramp up seeing that they only have 6 months left on some of this property confirmed by one of the owners.

Letter is dated July 13 to the Commissioner of Conservation, so it is just now arriving in the mail to those affected.

This just after great news at Lake End, Mondello well and drilling at the Natchitoches, Red River Parish line at the present.

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Thanks Pat.
Do you have the sections, township and range?
BD, you will just have to decipher.
I see what you mean. Very interesting.
Adding the PDF map of the proposed units!
I reported last week that Anadarko was tied up in the BP mess in the gulf. At that time, the geologist for North Louisiana told me they had 12,000 acres in the Allen/Powhattan area, but only had around 9 months to get holes in those sections. They were actively searching for a partner to drill the acreage. They told me if they did not find someone within 8 weeks, they would abandon their lease holdings. They indicated that the corporate powers above were high on these holding.

With the unitizing of these 4 sections, one could believe that they have found a partner and are going to proceed to drill all or the best of the acreage. With the Lake End well a huge success, it might just be that they will begin drilling as they have a number of sections in the Allen area already unitzed.

Will keep updated, I might call the Houston office soon.
"With the Lake End well a huge success" how big a well is it?
Olddog, scroll down to the add a comment and open les-b hyperlink, is this the one you are asking about?
Lake End reported at over 10 million cf per day. That is on a VERY small choke. It is reported that at full flow, it could be close to 30 million.
Old Dog, I belive this is the well. Check out the flowing pressure - the highest of any well to date.

EnCana, John Mondello 29 #H1 Well, Serial #240253, S29-T11N-R9W, Red River Parish, 13292 Mcfd, 16/64" Choke, 10007 psi Flowing Pressure
We were contacted by Anadarko also because we have some acres in the section that they want to drill in the Powhatan area but they haven't contacted us about leasing yet do you know if they will be leasing on the ones that haven't leased yet?
Sherri, Anadarko has not recorded a lease in Natchitoches Parish this year. How long ago did you speak with them?
Hi Skip,

My brother spoke to Anadarko a month ago and was told that the Alpha Field was not going to be drilled by them and that the leases in question were from years ago. We own 1/4 percentage of 600 acres in this field and are not leased nor have they been and are waiting to see what is going to happen with this area too. The 600 acres are in 11 N 8W 26,27, 28, 29. We have not been given any specifics except that the older leases expire at the end of this year and any new operator would have to lease all owners in question. Any advice?


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