New Units at Powhattan and across Red River at 7 C's ranch area, IP MILL

4 new units being unitized, East and West of North Powhattan area both sides of River! Alot of Ned Henry and Jolley Nash and 7 C's on the east side of the river. This might mean that Anadarko is getting ready to ramp up seeing that they only have 6 months left on some of this property confirmed by one of the owners.

Letter is dated July 13 to the Commissioner of Conservation, so it is just now arriving in the mail to those affected.

This just after great news at Lake End, Mondello well and drilling at the Natchitoches, Red River Parish line at the present.

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S26,27,28,29 have never been drilled, for any formation. Anadarko shows no signs of drilling anything including the sections with active leases that have unit orders. Encana's HA development activity is to your west and north but not close. Unless there is a more recent lease that includes your tracts in all these sections, an old lease would have died long ago as there has been no production, ever. My advise would be to sit tight and wait to see some completions by Encana in 11N - 9W and 12N - 8W. And to track HA well permits in those and your township.
Thanks Skip, that is what we are doing, just watching and waiting. I appreciate your response and expertise.

My husband and I own ten acres in the Spanish Lake area. What do you see our prospects as being? My mother lives in Marthaville and has already been approached. We are afraid we will be left out as non productive or something. Any information would be sincerely appreciated.
The actual info reads as this Section 3, Township 9 N, Range 9 W. Thanks for your help.
Skip, we didn't talk to Anadarko they just contacted us by letter because our land is in the section that they are interested in drilling. We haven't leased to anyone yet and I was just wandering if anyone is going to contact us because we do have 68 acres in the Powhatan area where Anadarko is wanting to drill?
Sherri, if Anadarko was not offering a lease, what was the point of their letter? Just to let you know that they intended to drill a particular section? If Anadarko was serious about drilling, it would seem that they would be pursuing you and all the other unleased mineral interests in their nine section unit block. Every time a member brings up Anadarko, I search the Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court records for any leases they have recorded. The remote records are current through 9/22 and there have been no leases by Anadarko recorded this year.
It is now apparent that Anadarko is NOT going to drill in Natchitoches Parish. They only had a small window to get another operator to drill the acreage they have leased. The didn't pay but around $150 an acre for it. It is probable that Encana will probably try to lease alot of that acreage since it borders their holdings. The signs are all excellent since wells like Messenger were successful. Anadarko ran out of time.
Pat, considering your post above, does it seem odd to you that Anadarko has not assigned their leasehold in this area or entered into a JV agreement with Encana?
No, not at all. I asked their engineer about Encana and they said that was not duable. They explained why, but I don't remember their reasoning. The last I heard, they were talking to two different drilling companies. Also, they would have a hard time assigning their leases with only 3 or 4 months left to drill on most of the 12,000 acres. It would be monumental to get someone to get located and punch holes in 24 sections or at least the best of them. They did not pay much for the acreage, I think about $150 an acre. Probably good news for those out there that were leased with them.

As far as the post above about Spanish Lake, if Allen and Ajax is good and there is activity in Marthaville, then I would tend to believe that Spanish Lake has some good potential. What do you think Skip?
There's so little to go on currently that I can only guess. From what I've seen the Allen, Ajax and Spanish Lake areas are likely to have producible shale. However the Bossier may be a better formation than the Haynesville in this area. If the Gas In Place is comparable to the areas being drilled to the immediate north and there is no decrease in permeability due to clay content, there should be some above average wells in the next year. The one possibility that concerns me most is the fault or faults in north Natchitoches. I don't show any on my map but it's limited. I have heard professionals mention that the "throw" in the fault is extreme. It may be that everything north of the fault can be drilled with current technology. What's south of the fault may be so extreme in depth, temperature and pressure that it will have to wait. Due to unfavorable economics the expansion of the Play is slowing. It may be some time before these areas are explored sufficiently to define the limits of the shale.


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