Seven units represent the first HA units in 13N - 7W.  Good Luck.


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tobycreek - is the well in sec. 8 telling a good tale? We are leased to Chk less than five miles away to the east.......anxious to know what the outlook is!


Has anyone heard if CHP has set up on the location in Ashland.
heard they were to be on location by June 27,2010.
They were drilling the last time I went by
Jerry, you can always check here for updates.
Guy renting from me says that the well at Ashland is gonna be drilled into the Smackover to look for oil and then back up to the Hanesville to produce. I can't say it for a fact, but its what I am told from someone working onsite.
    We have land lease to chp in 9 an 16, never did hear the wells in 8,17,20 came out.  Does any one know, please reply if so thanks.
No completion results as yet.
Well location in 18-13-7 built, permit expired.  Well location in 5-13-7 built, permit received, lease offers in Section 5 withdrawn, CHK says they are not going to drill now.  Wonder what's going on?
Hard to say without seeing any completion results.


Some think that the reason CHK decided not to "immediately" drill 5-13-7 was because of a few issues with landowners living on the N. side of the section in Beinville Parish.  At least, this is what was floating around via the gossip in Ashland.

Also, some folks have heard that the pipeline into CHK's three Ashland wells should be finished within 2 to 3 months.  The work is moving forward.

Also, near those wells, CHK will be putting in a pumping/processing station on land acquired for such.

Finally, CHK returned to the pad in section 18 13N 7W and was doing some minor upgrade work, or maybe one could call it maintenance-upkeep.  This surprised some of the locals per the circumstance of having let the permit expire.  Note:  CHK also did this (about the same time) with a few of their other pads in the Ashland area, too.

Disclaimer:  The above is scuttlebutt, i.e., hearsay.  Take it all with a grain of salt.   


Although not listed as complete, the HOOD 17-3-7H has a state potential test posted on the state database.

S/N 242238 - HA RA SUD; HOOD 17-3-7H

The PH 8-13-7H was also recently tested but the report has not been entered in the database.  It should be available soon.

S/N 241491 CV RA SUD; PH 8-13-7H


Anything new with the Ashland stuff?  Just thought I would  see if anything new had croped up.



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