A question for anyone who knows: was/is a pipeline ever completed that would enable product to be moved from Natchitoches parish?

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Depends on what "product" you have in mind to move.  The bulk of liquid production in Natchitoches Parish comes from stripper wells in the Grogan and Black Lake Fields.  I'm not sufficiently familiar with the field to know for sure but many stripper fields have storage tanks which are serviced by tanker trucks and do not require a pipeline.  There can be small gathering system type pipelines associated with stripper fields.

There are natural gas gathering systems in fields where Haynesville Shale wells have been drilled.  King Hill, San Miguel Creek and Ashland for example.

Thanks Skip. I was referring to natural gas, and the Ashland area. Thanks for the information, as always. I really appreciate what you contribute to this site.

You're welcome, MKM.  I would like to point out that any question regarding mineral interests and how the industry works should include details that allow for those of us who are willing to answer or provide an opinion to do so accurately and with the least effort.  For example I looked through all the wells in the state database for Natchitoches Parish in order to give what I considered an accurate reply.  In a fraction of the time I could have reviewed just the wells in the Ashland Field.  IMO development in the Ashland Field is not constrained by pipeline infrastructure.


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