I am surprised no one has posted anything about Tellurian in this the Natchitoches group.  They have been signing leases over the last year in at least 30 different sections.  Most of these sections have never had a horizontal wells.  Some are sections that XTO drilled and abandoned.  They are taking leases outside of what was previously considered the edge of the play.  Does anyone else have any information.

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I know they have been leasing in section 11 T9N-R10W. Between Marthaville and Ajax.

I know that they have leased all of section 28 T10 R10.  This is the section that XTO drilled and P&A without completing.  If you look at the recent wells in section 29 by SWN they look to be good wells.  Also SWN is drilling right now in Sections 6 & 7 T10 R9.  I think these wells performance are important to the leasing in the area.  That is my speculation and not a professional opinion.

Those locations would be minor "step outs".  Note that all the sections mentioned are on the far west side of 10N-10W and 9N-10W.  Leasing further east of Natchitoches Island would be a real surprise.

I just read this article about Tellurian potentially selling part of their business.  I watch their stock and yesterday it was an all time low.  I hope that if they sell there leases in the Natchitoches area then they will get drilled.  


Looks like they sold their upstream and will now be able to focus more on Haynesville. I was contacted yesterday by a company to buy the mineral rights on tracts that Tellurian leased last year in section 11 T9N-R10W. Maybe its heating up.

Yes we have had two separate offers to purchase minerals in the last week.  Some of Tellurians leases hit the 3 year primary term in the end of 2024.  Unless Aethon wants to either pay the 2 year extension or loose the leases then they will need to start drilling in 2024.  The next months will be interesting to see if Aethon starts drilling or starts leasing in the sections that Tellurian had partially leased. .

Extending the leases will be most likely option if there are concerns about gas drilling economics. Acreage costs are insignificant when compared to drilling and completion costs for these wells.


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