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Sorry. The new unit is for section 29 where they have unitized and where I own the ten acres. My additional 20 acres is in section 30 adjoining. My lease document is at my office so can't check it until tomorrow.

All the XTO leases in the San Miguel Field that I recall reviewing had a basic horizontal Pugh clause so suspect your does also.  As there are no producing wells in Section 30 I would say your twenty acres there is unleased if your lease is past its primary term.  If it has not reached the expiration of the primary term it is still under lease.  What is the effective date of your lease (it's in the first paragraph on the first page) and was the primary term for 3 or 5 years?

There are no Hosston wells at this time, only drilling units.  If XTO should decide to drill wells in these units they will file for permits to drill.  If that ever happens I will post the permits here in this discussion thread.


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