COMPANY: XTO Energy Inc, ha ra sunn; Blankenship, 1: 243540.
WHERE: San Miguel Creek, S32. T. 10N R. 10W.

DAILY PRODUCTION:781 mcf gas on 13/64 choke; 0 barrels n/a gravity condensate; 40 barrels water. PRESSURE: 1153 lbs. SPECIFICS: Haynesville RA; perforations,13522-14274 feet, depth, 14622 feet.

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Skip. I noticed on the LDNR SONRIS site that XTO reported 126 mcf for the month of June 2018, since the reporting of 23 mcf in Aril of 2016. Will this allow XTO to retain the lease even with a 2 year gap in reported production? Our family has been contacted by a potential major lessor to request XTO to release the acreage in S29, T 10N, R 10W. Seems as though the potential lessor would be communicating with XTO since XTO reported production after a 2 year lapse. Thanks for any info.

I doubt they want to alert XTO to their intentions.  I suspect what they want is a top lease and then a demand from as many of the unit the unit lessors they can line up to release their mineral rights from the existing lease.  Depending on the lease terms this unknown company is offering, it might be a better deal.  This is no simple question.  It could benefit from counsel from an experienced O&G law firm.

I have sent you a friend request and would like to discuss this situation with you.


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