For those who have been waiting for XTO to announce the Initial Production from their completed Natchitoches Parish HA wells in the San Miguel Creek Field, the wait is almost over.  The Steadmans 28H #1 has a Potential Test included in the SONRIS Lite Well File.  No specifics as to pressures and choke setting however.  14.092 MMcfd


01/01/2012 06/30/2012 14092 14092 3
12/20/2011 12/31/2011 14092 14092 3

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Skip thank you for the information. This is much higher than I expected with all of the talk about James Lime with this well. Sonris shows this was a 9 stage frac, but does not say what the depth of the fracs were. Do you think this is Haynesville or James Lime well?

It's a Haynesville Shale well, Brian.  XTO formed a James Lime Unit for the section but has not followed up with a permit for a James Lime well.  Unit orders are good indefinitely with no requirements to drill.  With the price of nat gas I would not expect a JA well for sometime.  It'll stay behind the pipe.

Skip do you have any more information on this Steadman well.  Today some workers were cleaning the pad and told the land owner that the well was going to be shut in because of too much water.  I still can't find the information you posted referencing the 14,092MMcf when I look in Sonris under well 242303.  I was hoping to see the pressure, choke size, and amount of water in the report.  Thank you in advance for any information.

No, Brian.  There is no preliminary completion report  in the database.  It will show up along with a state potential test eventually.  Some workers do not know what they are talking about.  The Haynesville is highly thermally mature.  There is no formation water.  If it was a water problem associated with some other formation penetrated by the well bore, XTO would be plugging and abandoning the well, not shutting it in.

Brian, that is very interesting information about the water production.  This could be an indication the well was completed in a formation above the Bossier Shale.  There were also instances of Haynesville Shale wells in SE Red River Parish producing large volumes of water but the cause was never explained by the operator.

What do you guys make of the reported measured depth of 11541 feet for this well, when the permit was originally for a vertical depth of 15000 feet and measured depth of 20000 feet? Could it have been plugged back to a shallower depth? All I know is what SONRIS Lite reports.

There is currently insufficient information.  The completion report(s) may shed some light on the question.

Obed, the information posted on Sonris is unclear but does indicate a lot has occurred with this well.  It is possble the well was completed in a formation above the Bossier/Haynesville Shale interval (Cotton Valley) but we will know more once the documents are posted.


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