KTBS, Channel 3, Shreveport will air a special report on the Terryville Complex Sunday on their 10 O'clock newscast.  For those who do not have access to the KTBS broadcast, I'll post a link to the feature story on the station's website when it becomes available.



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Thanks, Skip!

I was able to see the live feed from KTBS here in CO.  Fun to follow but we haven't seen much action in our section of Lincoln Parish.  Good exposure for you and I do appreciate your site and info.  Congratulations.

Thanks, ginger and spl. I'm glad you enjoyed the report.  I thought the producer and reporter did a very good job.  It's a real challenge for those in the media with no oil & gas background to get it right.  spl, two comments. 

Although much of Lincoln Parish is in the producing or prospective area of the Terryville Complex, some is not.  Generally lands north of Sections 7 through 12 of 19N - 4W are on the other side of a fault system that appears to be the end of the area currently being developed with horizontal wells.  Areas the east of Ruston in 18N-2W and 18N-1W do not appear to be as productive as Terryville but there are only a handful of horizontal wells drilled to date.  There will be a lull in any step out exploration until Range Resources has completed their acquisition and we will all be waiting to see what they do in seeking to extend the Complex. 

I do not own GHS.  Keith Mauch is the owner.  If you have been to my page and seen the words, I Own The Site, that is in error.  I've asked Keith to change it so there is no confusion but there is a problem with the company that hosts GHS and he hasn't been able to make the change.

Do you happen to know if Seitel will go ahead with the seismographic study with the changes from MRD to Range?

I think there is a seismic shoot going on now or about to commence.  I don't know what specific area is covered but I would expect that Range would not cancel it.  There's probably a charge to opt out of the contract and seismic is relatively cheap compared to drilling exploratory wells.

The video link is now included in the discussion introduction.  I'll post it here also.



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