I don't have any credible information but I have been told to watch the Chevron well in NE Panola Co. that they just rigged down on.

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Do you know the name of the well?


Kathy, can you narrow down the well location?  Chevron just moved a rig (last week) from the May Sealy #A4H which is a hz. Travis Peak well and it has a location NE of Fairplay.  They were (recently) drilling the Vera Harrison #19H and finished it a couple of weeks ago.  It is Wildcat/Cotton Valley hz located south of Beckville. There are several other wells they have drilled since the first of the year (but not reported yet) but those are the two most recent rig downs. 

I'm sorry,  I don't know.  Our family does not own any minerals in Panola County, but we own minerals in SE Harrison County near the border.  We are working with a landman with another company on a lease of ours near the border and he told us to watch for this well.  I don't want to get into all of his remarks, but he said it's going to be a very good well. I hope he is right for the mineral owners in the unit.  The May Sealy brings up a question I had when Chevron drilled the Mathews A-2 in the same area.  I have always been told that the Travis Peak is not a good formation for horizontal drilling because of the rock characteristics of the formation.

jffree1--- Did Chevron truely drill a Hz Travis Peak well? ( Sealy#A4H) That's Wild. Never heard of such. When you see a IP and info on well please let me know---Very Interesting if is a Hz Travis Peak

adubu, yes... Chevron has drilled several (6-8) horizontal Travis Peak wells in Panola County.  I have not seen completion reports on any of them but I haven't looked in a little while, either.

Kathy, this is a Chevron experiment, I believe, and I've heard the same thing.  I think it is because TP is usually produced from traps where the contiguous area is small and "hit or miss" on a successful completion.

You'd have to get a geologist to explain further.  I've reached the outer limit on my knowledge of the Travis Peak formation.  I note the permits in my data set because of the "novelty" and so I'll remember to look them up (when/if something is ever reported) to see what the results are.


jffree-- very interesting I wonder if they just list as such on permit but in fact drill H CV or Shale wells--- if you find any that are reported on RRC initial reports showing formation tops and production interval that are Hz TP PLEASE IF YOU REMEMBER POINT ME TO THE REPORTS> THANKS

adubu, I just looked and there are several completions reported now.  I don't have time to sift through them today but you can find them (easily) by searching Panola Co. and setting the field for Carthage (Travis Peak 6400), ID#16032928


I believe this is close to my wells and I have a article I posting the link that supports this.


Our wells are located south of beckville just above FairPlay off the FairPlay Hwy, we've been told years ago Chevron planned to drill wells in the Travis peak and they did drill 3 on my cousins land that were good wells then the bottom fell out and we have not heard another word. Pls let us know anything you hear or know of.

Chevron reported the Shivers #2 at 558 barrels per day in the Tyler paper yesterday.  With the time delay on most reports, I don't think this would be the well the landman told me to watch for, which is the reason I originally started this post. We have not heard back from the landman.  He made an offer and we made a counter offer with our addendum and no response from him since then.  The Shivers well should be good news for you though Gale.

Thanks for the info, I'm been told for yrs this was chevrons plans! I'm trying to find out just how close the shiver well is to us, some of my relatives are shivers.

Gale, the Shivers unit is on Hwy 149 3+ miles south of Beckville.  It's close to the Mathews Unit which also had a good well (Mathews 2-H) and I don't know what well the landman was talking about.  I wish I knew more.  Good Luck!


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