Could someone please enlighten me on what is all the activity happening in Panola County.  How long could this last?  Is this the start of another "gas boom"?  If so what is the opinion on when it will really take off?

What is the opinion for Shelby County?  Is because of higher drilling cost?  If so what does natural gas have to be for operators to make a profit of the wells drilled?

Excuse my ignorance, i am still a novice when it comes to this and am still trying to figure this out.  As a business owner (inherited) in this OILFIELD workers (all ranges) account for 90% of the business.  How can I learn more about this industry that is not so technical (if there is a resource out there)?

I would like to employe a successful sales strategy to help grow the business and get more in touch with clientele of this market segment.

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They are listed in your local yellow pages.

As for the geologic zones.

I do realize that the boundaries of a county would be different than the geologic zones for by the formations of the underlying ground.

do you have any idea of where gas would need to be for drilling to be profitable in relations to the various geologic formations in our area that correspond to Panola, Rusk, & Shelby County?

No one outside the management of the energy companies can answer that question.  If you wish to know the level of activity by specific location and company in your trade area you need to get a subscription to the Weekly Drilling Report published by Rig Data.  It's a good investment and a business write off.

If Haynesville Shale is so gloom and doom do the authors of this article not know what they are talking about?

Ellen, suggest you ask Julie (jffree1).  She knows a lot more about the Haynesviile Shale in E TX then anyone on GHS., The author of this article obviously knows very little and is writing this from wire reports.  Some of those reports are out of date and some are promotion pieces. Much has changed since March when this article was written.


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