Looks like there has been a new Permit issued for Crowell well SW of Glenmora.   Was SN# 251311 & now it is SN# 251809.

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Thanks CM

And at least the testing was GOOD on SN# 251809, not just OK as on previous SN# 251311.

That is a good sign. Hope all the reports keep coming in good. 

Good probably equals OK / terminology probably depended on person doing the report.

True!   RM you think they are going to go to SN# 220535 next for a redo since they have a hearing application to change drilling unit on 9/17/19.

No idea on that issue

Rock Man,

Correct me if you think I am reading this wrong but to me it looks like they tested the BOPs to 10,000# and the 13 3/8" surface casing shoe to 2,950#?

I agree as to your read on the testing the BOP's.

One can assume that it was the casing shoe tested to 2950# but it is not clear based on the SONRIS comment (below). Using the 4073' depth of the casing shoe (approximate), if my math is correct, one would need a 13.9+# MW (non circulating) at that depth (casing shoe point) to have this high a pressure.

Odds are that operator will get intermediate casing set prior to having this high a MW in the hole..

I am comfortable is assuming that the operator has all their bases covered as to this operation. A few excerpt comments in SONRIS cannot image all the details that are taking place during any operation. 



Fracking water tanker trucks in the area this morning.   Two on I49 south bound between Alexandria & Woodworth exit.   Could these be going to SN# 251809.   Nothing new on Sonris.

Probably just hauling water onto location / way to early for stimulation efforts

New entry on sonris today August  27-08/27/2019 report date-08/20/19 drilling @ 10,372’, 08/27/2019, drilling @ 14,730’

Making good progress


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