Yesterday a company by the name of SSI (white suv) was working in my area Saturday.  Could they be contracted to do part of the 3D survey.  I see only work in Louisiana thata they worked on was ih n Delhi and was 4D?  First I heard of 4D.

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This group is probably working for the primary 3D operator as a sub contractor. Most likely some sort of initial surveying.

4D is looking at changes in time in reservoirs based on the comparison of 3D data sets (e.g. depletion). Not an issue here.

Thanks RM!   It was just the first time I have seen any activity in my area other than flagging here & there.  It is my understanding in talking with a guy off HWY 1, Poland, LA area they have already finished their area and also his land in Forest Hill, LA.   Time consuming process I would image.

Very time consuming

Looks like SSI is back in my area, which is the NW corner of the 3D, working today.

What do they appear to be doing? Surveying? Something else?

Mainly seeing only a few white trucks and SUV's with SSI logos and new flagging and cut trails where flagging is as if for trail/land access 

OK, thanks - laying out the survey lines.

Each 3D acquisition point (sensor) needs to be surveyed in so that all the data that is recorded during the seismic wave generation process can be property tied to other data points to get a coherent (and correct) data set.

We are talking about millions if not billions of data "bits" that need to be handled in a project of this size

Yesterday in the area maybe 4-5 miles east of the Crowell site, saw several buggies doing some drilling of shoot holes.  However did not see any recording trucks. Excuse my lack of knowledge about the process.

CN, thanks for the update from the field. You are correct that these are the shot holes that will be loaded with dynamite / pentalite / some explosive material to eventually create the "sound signal" that will go downward and "bounce" off various rock layers. The rebound events will be recorded by sensors on the ground (which are then tied to recording trucks via wireless connections).

Drilling shot holes is a much more expensive way of getting the seismic info - ideally you use vibrators but you need solid ground to be able to use this technique.

So is this 3D or 2D.   I was thinking that dynamite in drilled holes & buggies was 2D old technology.   3D has the radioactive material & vibration trucks.   I know that on Sonris there are 2 different seismic permits issued to cover that Crowell area.   One is CGG 3D and the other is a smaller 2D area.   Am I right on this guys.

First off, there is no radioactive material associated with any seismic acquisition operations. And sources for both 2D and 3D can be either vibrators or dynamite - it all depends on the terrain and surface conditions.

No way to run vibrators through wet low lying areas. Odds are the 3D will be a mix of energy sources.

Buggies are associated with both operations. And the shot or vibration points as well as all info receivers need to be surveyed in for accuracy.

Odds are this is all related to the 3D survey.

Thanks RM!   Great helping us landowners be aware of true technology & how it is done.   I know my land was done back in late 70's via holes & dynamite in several places.


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