Is anyone being approached about expiring or expired leases being picked up?  Or are there any re-negotiations on existing leases or renewal terms?

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We have not heard from anyone.  We're still a few months from expiring.  Paloma, did make contact many months ago, but we have not heard from them and don't know what they might offer.   Looks like Chesapeak has permitted two or three of Devons leases in Shelby, but its all of these have pipelines. 


Looks like they are about done with the West Spoon Unit in Sabine. We don't have any results from the Horton, Frazier, or Mcguire so it's hard to tell what it will look like.  They did permit the Richards just SW of the Horton though so if that is any indication of its production it might be pretty good.  Hope so. Chesapeake also has been ramping up in Sabine Parish as of late.
Al, what is ramping up mean?  I have not heard from anyone either.  Pipeline from Frazier was suppose to come across us headed to the Horton and then northwest toward the McGuire and further.  My lease with Devon is up Sept. 9.  Did I read somewhere that the Hall came in at over 12 or did I dream that?
Ramping up with more rigs drilling in Sabine Parish. I haven't heard that result regarding the Hall well.  Our lease with Devon is up August 1.  CHK just permitted one on the Sabine/San Augustine County line today and it looks like part of the unit falls into Sabine.  I hope they keep coming.
They permitted one in Sabine today, too.  West Ingram GU SBN #1H in John Horton Survey, A-114.
Heard the rumor about CHK opening an office in Hemphill couple of weeks ago. Today received confirmation indirectly from property owner. Building was being cleaned out last weekend also. Considering partnership between CHK and Devon on leases and the fact that many of Devon's 2008 leases are set to expire in the near future, this could be great news for Sabine County!!! Still, I will not totally believe it until I see the shingle hanging. 
That sounds promising.  I sure hope it's true.

I just called and they are not renewing our lease in Sabine County on the Chesapeak well...Is anyone else looking at leases?  they told me we were free to lease with anyone as on the 18th of August 2011.

Someone in Houston called me and said he was representing B&B (who or whatever they are) and offered 1/16 and $365. per acre -- I just told him no thank you and hung up.  They are the same ones who called Martha and Jimmy Vickers across the street.  I figure it is someone trying to low ball us and resell to someone else.  

 I was aproched last week by Sansaba Roality wanting to buy my minerals I've been working out of state and Sabine Co. has been so slow so I haven't checked this site so after being contacted I decided to check and guess what my land in in the the West Spoon unit and I didn't know it, so be very carefull if contacted you might be close to getting in a unit!

Any Milan or Hemphill rights being approached?  All the leases expired last summer and haven't heard of any one renewing.

Devon Energy just called wanting to lease my mineral rights.  Anyone else been approached?


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