Is anyone being approached about expiring or expired leases being picked up?  Or are there any re-negotiations on existing leases or renewal terms?

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I have been contacted in the last week by a landman representing a co I cannot divulge right now. We have mineral rights on 131 acres in the Wright Coley survey, Abstract a 10 Sabine county. It has been leased previously  in 2007 was not drilled This guy is serious and made an offer of 20% and fishing for us to give an acceptance offer per acerage. Has anyone leased recently and for how much. Please advise as we are in the dark as to what we should ask for. I checked their web site and the have allready leased nine parcels in this survey Thanks, Bill

That far East I have heard $500 and 20%.  I assume you are referring to either W&T Offshore or Forestar.  W & T is trying to define a drilling area for the oil rich James Lime.  Forestar just assigned some leasehold in the area to Devon who is also in the area although they are much quieter on their plans thus far.

Thanks A Longview.  I contacted the land man today and asked what you referred to above. I previously lived in Longview but moved to North Richland Hills about 8 months ago. Are you from Longview?. I notice that your profile shows that you now are in Arizona. Thanks again for your input. I have been a member of this site for several years but post very seldom.  Bill

November 7, 2012, ... really?  Wake me when it is over!

Any news of new companies wanting to lease in Sabine County?


Forestar just recorded some new leases in the J.I. Pifermo and the David Huffman Surveys. A-47 and A-23.

Hi All,

Anyone hear news of leasing in Sabine County?


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