Cabot just filed 13 leases two weeks ago with depth restrictions to the base of the pettit formation.  Looks like the James Lime has a bit of interest from more than just Devon.  Devon, Cabot, and Crimson have acreage in the area while Endeavor is filing agreements(rights of first refusal) to protect their acreage out in the eastern part of the county.  I hope it turns out well.

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Does anyone have a map of where even ONE of these companies is leasing?  I called Devon & told them I was in the N/3 of the county, but when I told them I was at "the lake", they said I was too far East... shucks - Thanks

GR- See page 20 of the attached presentation.  It is the only map produced thus far so nobody knows how accurate it is but it gives you an idea.


southern half of county goin to river.

Same target?  James Lime?  How far south?

Devon has been leasing between Milam and Rosevine.  An employee in the leasing office in San Augustine said that Devon is interested in oil in that area.

Here's a list of the surveys with leases filed by Devon and Cabot recently:

Bourland, A-2

Isaacs, A-25

McGee, A-37

McKey, A-38

Mott, A-43

Murphy, A-44

Roberts, A-50

These surveys are in an area between Hwy 21 and Hwy 103 from the San Augustine line east to Rosevine around FM 1.  Only they (and those already contacted) know if they are leasing further afield from this area. Some of the region north of Hwy 21 may be in play, also, from the SA county line eastward but no word on how far north or east. 





Alongview I don't see anything new on the map for A-181, but West Spoon is on there could it be a second well for it?

New Leases not new wells is what we are talking about.

OK thanks

I know for certain that Cabot has filed leases in S. A., Thomas J. Martin, A-194


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