West Spoon 15183 mcf/d Bossier Shale, 12 stages.

Horton Fed 17042 mcf/d Bossier Shale, 15 stages.

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Looks good, now if the Frazier IP will come thru.

What is ment by 12-15 stages?

Fracture stages.

Help out this country boy does that mean how many holes they put in the pipe to frac it? Excuse my ignorance on this just tring to learn.

I'm learning with you. Keep asking questions. What part of Sabine Co. are these in?

West Spoon is in N.E. Sabine right on the county Line just above HWY 21

Didn't you mean NW Sabine, Phillip?

Here is a page where frac stages were discussed at some length:


Yes your right it is NW sorry about that, and thanks for the link.


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