Mostly Devon leases.  I hope it's a monster.



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RRC appears to be under maintenance again.
D. Renfro.  A-181.  Just North of the Bengal I think.
It's up now and it looks good. Be a monster. 
So Chesapeake is drilling on Devon's leases?

Chesapeake will be drill on Devon's leases in this area as they desire.  Devon will participate in the wells drilled.  

is this in sabine county

Hi, Devon leased my mineral rights (near Geneva, TX in Sabine County in 2008.  Can you tell me approximately where the Chesapeake/Devon well is located?




Robert Fitch


Robert, the West Spoon GU SBN #1H is located in the David Renfro Survey, A-181and is about 2.0 miles northwest of the intersection of Hwy. 21 @ FM 3448.

Thank you.  I just reviewed my lease agreement and part of my lease is in the David Renfro Survey A-181.  I haven't heard anything from Devon or Chesapeake however.  Is that normal?




You probably wouldn't have any contact from the operators unless they file for a field rule exception which would cause them to send notice to affected mineral owners in and/or adjacent to the unit, depending on which rule they want an exception to.  If you are in the unit the next notice you would normally expect would be Division Orders showing your net mineral acres and royalty interest in the unit. 

You can see and download the unit plat from the well permit page which is helpful if you know where your minerals are located in the survey.

Thanks.  I called my cousin, who lives in San Augustine, TX and worked for Devon during 2008 when they were doing a lot of leasing and he said that the well may be close to our lease but not necessarily ON our lease.  Our lease also has some coverage in:

E.B Ragsdale Survey A-179

Thompson Allen Survey A-63

William Beeshears Survey A-247

David Huffman Survey A-23

P.A Horn Survey A-132


They all all located not too far from the David Renfro Survey A-181.


Thanks for your help.



Robert Fitch


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