Is Chesapeake having problems just in Sabine County or is a possible larger issue? Ran across a Sept  article discussing Chesapeake nearing completion of well  they had given a tour of  back on June 21.  Well was West Spoon Haynesville well in Sabine County.  According to TXRRC, it appears he well still has not been completed.   Here's the link to the article ,

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I read that article.  When they said they were nearing completion... they most likely meant the drilling of the well.  The final completion... when they frac the well, flow it back and turn it to sales, usually takes place two or three months later.  Unless they turned it in today (I haven't looked), they haven't reported an IP on that well yet.  They did turn in the well record back on September 19th after they finished drilling... just without the IP test data.

My recollection is that they spud in back in mid to late April which would be approx six months by now.  I am familiar with the drilling and fracing process and why the time line seemed long that this well would not have been completed and gone to sales yet.

That would be anybody's guess... pipeline maybe?  No offense meant... I try to explain the timeline because we have new people asking questions all the time who may not be familiar with the process. I didn't take the time to investigate who I was replying to.

It's pretty normal for Chesapeake to take six months to report an IP.  Sometimes longer. They still haven't reported the two Federal wells (Horton & Frazier) and those have been sitting there since December, 2010 (Horton) and April of this year (Frazier).  They aren't reporting any production so I have to assume that they are not complete or have been shut-in for some reason.


jffree the new pipeline that crosses through is RIGHT next to it all they have to do is tie into it
I guess it's not a priority for them right now, Phillip.  I know all this waiting is tedious but that is the nature of this beast.  You can expect some operators to flow their wells within 60-90 days of drilling.  Others are not in such a hurry.  Honestly, though, if it was my gas I would be grateful if they didn't sell it at the bottom of the market which is where we are now.

Good info.  As to the pipeline from the Frazier via the Horton, the government forest service was slow, slow on easement permitting.  Last I heard was that it was in the ground from the Frazier to Hwy 87.  It then has to go thru more gov't land where they were not giving workspace, so the pipeline people where having to get workspace agreement from TexDOT.  Then it will pick up the Horton and tie end to rest of pipeline already in ground from the west.


Anxious to see the IP report, as out property is just south to Frazier and nolonger leased.

Thanks for the pipeline report, Fred.  I figured there was some gov't foot dragging involved... makes me wonder how we would ever get a Hoover Dam built today.
Thank you for the info.  It probably is pipeline. 

Where do we see the IP report?  I'm close to the Wellspoon well with another one right behind me.  I just want to be able to talk halfway intelligently about what's going on.

Sharon, join this group:

You will find links and instructions for how to search for a completion report.  You will need the API # for the West Spoon #1H, 403-30465, or you can just search by County.  Don't worry about filling in the other search criteria.

Don't worry! When the market price goes up, the final completion will happen.

Remember, your production is not being sold at  today's low price.

The link is dead


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