Back in April Forestar Oil & Gas permitted the Rutledge #1 as a vertical Wildcat to 9,000' in the J. I. Pifermo Survey, A-47.

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The well was spudded on June 28 and is still drilling as of last Friday. I suspect they are looking for James Lime but anyone with additional, or better, information is welcome to opine.

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It would seem like - at that depth - it would be a Travis Peak test - possibly to hold acreage?  They SHOULD HAVE seen / will log the James, anyway.  Question - How do companies get away with NOT turning in a log on their well(s) WAY past the confidentiality period without getting fined by the RRC - - like the Endeavor - John O. Hall #1 (Sabine County)? Is the RRC so toothless it'll let anybody get away with it for as long as their liking? -- Lease # 259260, API# 42-403-30454?  -  GR

I'm fairly certain they have turned in a log because that was the discovery well for the Times Hall (Cotton Valley) field and they had to have the log to set the correlative interval/depth.

They just never got the log linked up with the other well files for some reason... probably because they got so far behind about 2009. Not making excuses but there has been one monster play after another for over a decade now. Barnett, Haynesville, Eagleford... now West Tx. has over 300 rigs working. Logs are low on the list of priorities as far as getting that data to the public. They make a Master Log list each month of the logs turned in but they aren't much help unless you know when a well is scheduled to lose confidentiality. Further, if the operator doesn't want to make a log public they can get another extension by paying another fee with a new request.

Hi Jffree1.  It has been a long time since we had any activity in Northern Sabine County.  I hope they find all they are looking for and more. Thanks for the update.

Hey you. Long time no see!

Yes, I hope so, too. It's been extremely quiet but Crimson turned in a couple of good oil completions in the James a few miles west in SA Co. so maybe they will keep looking.

Are they still drilling the Rutledge Jffree1?

No, it was finished sometime after July 18, when it was at 6550'... it wasn't on the 7-25 report.

Forestar announced a $2.1 million dry hole expense on their Q2 2014 earnings call today and said it was in East Texas......a travis peak/pettet exploratory well.  Any idea of where this well was? 

It could be one they drilled in Henderson Co. (Athens, Dist. 5) last year. It was permitted for Wildcat and Pettit. They completed it in December and turned in the reports in May this year. IP was 3.0 bbl oil, no gas, 7 bbl water.

I went to the RRC in Austin & got the 'entire' folder for the New Field Designation, but there was no log in it..... GR

Does anyone know if Forestar is still pursuing their interest in the J. I. Pifermo Survey, A-47?

I have a lease with them within this survey and was wondering if the current down turn might have caused Forestar to give up on this area?



My lease is on the West Spoon just West of there glad to see there drilling in the area again

Bad news here folks, I talked to the VP of Forestari [n Denver Co last week. My question to him was if he could give me any info on the Rutledge No 1.He said that the well was a dry hole and that they were in the process of pluging and rwmediating yhe site. We own mineral rights to 135 acres about 3 miles from this site so were disapointed They only went to 9000 ft to the James Lime..They did not lease to the Haynesville. and will not renew.. Thats all I Know folks.  Bill Mc Daniel


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